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Encased in a compact, brick-like enclosure, Anton Bauer's Cine 90 GM Battery is designed to fit on run-and-gun and built-up cinema rigs. Based on a Gold mount, Cine 90 GM batteries will charge in Anton-Bauer Gold mount chargers. The low-profile industrial design blends with the aesthetic conventions of modern cinema cameras, while also being easy to store when not in use. Inside the battery, individual cell activity monitoring prevents cell failure from over-current and excessive temperatures. And in the case of extreme impact or thermal damage, Fuse Link technology provides protection to nearby cells, thereby preventing consecutive cell ruptures. Cine 90 GM batteries feature an LCD screen which displays battery capacity in run-time when power is being drawn or in percentage when there is no draw. Between the Gold mount and the P-tap accessory output, the Cine 90 GM battery supports up to 12 amps of continuous power draw, and with its 90 watt-hour capacity, it's great for power-hungry cinema cameras, lights, and accessories.

Anton/Bauer CINE 90 Gold Mount Battery

SKU: 86750103
$515.00 Regular Price
$360.50Sale Price
  • Key Features

    • 90Wh Lithium-Ion Gold Mount Battery
    • Supports up to 12A Continuous Draw
    • Fuse Link Technology Cell Protection
    • LCD Battery Capacity Gauge
    • P-Tap Accessory Output
    • Compact Industrial Design
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